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Orchis galilaea (Bornm. and M.Schulze) Schlechter Orchidaceae (Photo by Iliya Lifland)

Wild orchids of Israel.

   With the permission of the authors Ksenia Bessarab and Anna Liflyand (Photo by her husband, Ilya Liflyanda) published an article about a magnificent wild orchids of Israel.
   Our country - a wonderful place. Here is everything. The lowest point in the world - the Dead Sea, and ski spa - in Hermon mount, and deserts and forests, and, behold, even wild orchids.

От авторов.

   In this article, we wrote an additional 2 years ago and sent it to the magazine "Planet Orchid" (Moscow), where it was published in # 8,9, 2008. Now we will publish it here with a clear conscience in the author's version.
   Since the time of writing, it was take picture many more species of orchids, which will be added to the end of the article.
   Athor of the first part - Kseniya Bessarab, second Anna Liflyand.

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