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Good time to you!

   Books. Well without them!
Somewhere picked up the image of "book-shelf above the bench." This simple, even without glasses, but with books.
Yes, of course, the internet has it all. Well, almost everything. But all the same shelf with the books, a stack of magazines on the table, as it has. You can always browse through. Marks in the fields, the smell of books, finally.
Of course you can print pages from the Internet, you can even bind. But this is not a book!
On leaflets printing can put a cup of coffee, but not in the book.
Well, what I am going to tell you and so you know that ....
On this page a small collection of useful in our orchid to the literature. In my opinion, of course. Most of these books are on my shelf. And I use them. And then I can recommend, with pleasure.
By Greendrop Greendrop