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The largest orchid in the world.

The largest orchid in the world.

The largest orchid in the world lives on fikuse tree near the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta - based and even the Dutch colonialists Bogor Botanical Garden.
And her name is Grammatophyllum speciousum. At each of cauliflowers, which reaches a length of up to three meters, There are 60 to 100 flowers, and plants may only be a few thousand flowers ...

Tiger Orchid

The largest orchid in the world.    Imagine yourself walking along the virgin Indonesian forest, getting from the mist darkness to the sunny clearing and suddenly… see the tiger on the tree! After a several moments of stupor, you realize that that tiger did not get you, and open your left eye… but this is The Huge Orchid!
   Recently, Giant Orchid (Grammatophyllum speciousum) is considered to be the world’s largest orchid - while even more enormous one was not found. It also called Tiger Orchid due to the flowers colors – yellow with brown or reddish spots. Owing to the resemblance of Giant Orchid to the Sugar Cane plant, it is often called Sugar Cane Orchid. The botanical name, Grammatophyllum, is combined of Greek words gramen – grass, and phylon – leaf. The beauty and imposing appearance gave to this orchid the additional name – Queen of the Orchids. Regarding the systematic issue - Grammatophyllum belongs to the tribe Cymbidieae.
The largest orchid in the world. The largest orchid in the world.    Pay attention to the size of people about orchids in the photos !!
   It is native to Myanamar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Borneo, Java, Moluccas, the Philippines, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Bismark Islands, New Guinea, Indonesia and Malaysia, growing in crotches of large trees on exposed areas of the lowland tropical rainforest, up to 1200 meters above the sea level.
   Giant Orchid grows mainly as epiphyte, i.e. it uses the trees as mechanic support, while fed and watered by rains, mist, dew, plant and other debris accumulated within splitting bark. Occasionally, this orchid grows as lithophyte (on the ground), because many trees just cannot bear its weight!
   The network of roots and pseudobulbs (the nutrient reservoirs) of adult plant, which forms the impressive shrub, may weight from hundreds kilograms to two tons. Pseudobulbs grow upto 2.5 meters of length. Each flower stalk may reach 3 meters of length, bearing upto 100 flowers, each 10 to 20 cm in width. The flowers on the stalk are of different structure, depending in the location within the inflorescence. For example, the lowest flowers lack of lip. Though the plant does not bloom each year, the blooming lasts for months. The orchid can bear several inflorescences with thousand flowers at the same time! The largest orchid in the world.    It is clear that few botanical gardens and very rare collectors can nurse the Giant Orchid. This orchid is not widespread in culture, although can be purchased occasionally. In the home greenhouse the giant orchid likes the vanda’s compartment – abundant sunlight, frequent watering, mass of fertilizing and very light, easily drying substrate. The day temperatures should be about 26 degrees of Celsius, the night ones – about 15 degrees, the plant will tend 7 degrees at winter and upto 38 degrees at the summer months. The orchid likes ventilation. It is wise to put rocks into the pot to prevent overthrow.


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