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Angraecum sesquipedale or Darwin's prediction.

Angraecum sesquipedale or Darwin's prediction.    All those who involved in something with orchids have heard this story. However, we also should bring it here.

   Classic example of adapting to the flower pollination moths described even Charles Darwin. Darwin wonders length of spur of angrekum sesquipedalian (Angraecum sesquipedale) from Madagascar, which equal to 23 centimeters. He suggested that such an impressive reservoir of nectar may be a major drain insect with relevant proboscis and there, on Madagascar, should be a butterfly (likely roisterer) with proboscis more than 22 cm in length.
   This butterfly is indeed found in 1903 and named ksantopan Morgan - predicted (Xanthopan morgani - praedicta) in honor of Darwin's prediction, issued in the first edition of the book "Fertilization of Orchids", relating to 1862.
   Flower angrekuma sesquipedalian like a six-pointed star made of snow-white wax. This plant sometimes referred to as the "orchid-star" or "orchid-comet" because of the long lash like spur. In order to get to the bottom of its nectar, suck dry every last drop, roisterer should push through its proboscis deep as possible, and with proboscis and head move apart prevented him parts of the flower.
   At this point pollinias attached to the base of proboscis. When roisterer again try to suck nectar, he push down beak of column as low as possible with proboscis with attached to it pollinias. Pollinia fall on a narrow neb stick to it. Spur of angrekum sesquipedalian full of nectar to the edges, can draw attention of other small moths night, but the plant did not give his pollinia as their proboscis insufficient thick base and not enough length, that these butterflies have taken the proper position required for the withdrawal of pollinia, and fired a cross-pollination.

Here is a small video for subject. It's from uTube. Thanks: newscientistvideo

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